Theme, Strands and Call for abstracts

Transformation is at the heart of education. The Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference 2018 will explore transformation in relation to:

STUDENTS: What kinds of things are we doing to best support students in their transformation from school pupils into college learners and into undergraduate scholars, researchers and professionals? How far and in what ways are students transformed by university teaching and learning experiences? How do these transformations underscore, and/or go beyond, Brookes Graduate Attributes? And what kinds of transformations are created by our students for other students, for staff and for the university?

STAFF: What motivates, and what models, positive transformation in pedagogical practice? How have wider cultural transformations influenced staff identities and approaches as teachers? What kinds of transformative experiences have staff had, as individuals or teams, as teachers and as learners? Reflective accounts of the development of good practice are welcome, especially those illuminating learning journeys and learning theory.

ENVIRONMENTS: How does, and how could, the ways in which we occupy teaching and learning spaces at our campuses and colleges transform those spaces? What new teaching and learning experiences are being enabled by innovations in digital technologies?

DISCIPLINE AND CURRICULUM: What transformations have individual subjects and programmes undergone in recent years – for example, in the nature of content covered; in the borders and boundaries of disciplines; in interdisciplinary relationships between subjects; in the prior learning experiences of students; in the professionalisation of disciplines, etc.?

These strands overlap in many ways: each engages with ideas of progress, catalysts for change, connection, intention, innovation and evidence. We welcome contributions to these strands in a variety of forms, including a standard individual or team paper, panel discussion, Q&A session, group of flash presentations (i.e. a set of 1 to 5 minute mini-talks), workshop or demonstration (note all should fit into slots of 30 minutes or 1 hour).

Go to this pageĀ to submit an abstract, and join us in exploring, celebrating and sharing transformations in teaching and learning at Brookes.